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21 June 2015

Atlassian Graduate Program

You’ll be part of the team that builds and supports the infrastructure platform that delivers Atlassian's Cloud offerings. You’ll work closely with architects and development teams to build services used by our applications - from data center, power and hardware purchasing to operating systems, networking, provisioning and monitoring. You’ll also be educating operation, support and operations teams about infrastructure/platform and utilizing PaaS.

Site Reliability Engineer
You'll be working on our production systems which serve millions of customers world wide. If they fail, you'll have the skills and the quick-decision making ability to deal with pings, pages, queries and problems. Some of the technologies you'll get to work with are Apache, Nginx, Bash, Linux, AWS, virtualization technologies, Nagios, Python, Java, Puppet and yes, Atlassian products too!

21 June 2015

Optiver Job Opportunities

Graduate Software Developer
Some of the things you could be involved in are:

  • Exchange connectivity software & Auto Trading related projects (C++)
  • Trading client GUIs or Middle Office systems (C#/.NET)
  • Tools to aid development and management of our systems (C++/C#/Python)

This position is for penultimate/final year/Honours student or a recent graduate (graduated in the past two years) with a Distinction/High Distinction average in Computer Science, Computing or Software Engineering, with a firm grasp of OO design and development concepts. Experience in Linux, Networks, multi-threaded programming, .NET and databases would be a bonus.

Graduate Trading System Engineer
From the software that places orders direct to the market to the trading front-end, you will have strong end-to-end understanding of how these components operate as one. Whilst this is not a development or systems admin role, it incorporates elements of both. You’ll often find yourself on the trading floor as a trusted advisor to the business on operational decisions. Taking the best of both worlds, you excel in taking real business problems and solving them with cutting edge.

This position is for penultimate or final year student or recent graduate (past two years) with a high credit or distinction average in technology. Computer Science, Information Technology or Software Engineering.

These opportunities are open on their website and there are Summer internships for these positions.

21 June 2015

Mock Interviews

Upcoming interview? We got your back.

CSESoc is hosting mock interview days on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st of July.

The interviewers will be employees from Google, Freelancer, Atlassian, Optiver (TBC), Microsoft, Dropbox (via the Phone/VC), Accenture or some current students (TBC). And yes, they'll be at UNSW just for you to practice.

We intend on all interviews to be technical, but there may be behavioural components as well.

If you're interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity to have an interview, AND GET FEEDBACK!, fill out this form.

Don't forget to join the facebook event.

21 June 2015
7 June 2015

Facebook Grace Hopper Scholarship

Facebook is committed to advancing women in technology, and are very excited to announce the 2015 Facebook Grace Hopper Women in Computing Scholarship! You'll be joining thousands of remarkable women in technology in Houston from October 14-16, 2015 for the eighth year of celebration.

Learn more about the program and apply here.

Applications close June 15.