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24 September 2016
24 September 2016

CSESoc Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Tuesday October 4th, 2:30pm at K17 Seminar Room

It’s that time of the year again, CSESoc will be holding their Annual General Meeting for 2016!

This is the event where we hold an overview of the society’s achievements throughout the year. There will also be important information on the nomination and voting process for the CSESoc executive positions for 2017.

The positions that will be open for nominations are: 2 x Co-Presidents, 1 x Treasurer , 1 x Secretary, 1 x Arc Delegate.

As always, feel free to speak to the current executives about their role to get a feel for what is involved. You can find our names here: https://www.csesoc.unsw.edu.au/about/exec-and-heads/

Agenda items for this years AGM will be:

  1. Co-President’s report.
  2. Treasurer’s report.
  3. Constitutional amendments.
  4. Arc Delegate report.
  5. Team reports: Beta, CompClub, DevSpace, Publicity, Social, Student Network, Talks, Workshops.
  6. Business without notice
  7. Nomination information for CSESoc executive positions 2017.
  8. Close of meeting

In order to propose an amendment to the constitution, please fork our constitution on GitHub and then create a Pull Request with your changes. The constitution can be found at: https://github.com/csesoc/csesoc-constitution

This student club activity is proudly supported by Arc @ UNSW. For more information on Arc Clubs visit arc.unsw.edu.au

17 September 2016
17 September 2016

Beta Issue 123

Looking for a way to whittle away the weekend? Why not read the latest issue of Beta! With an exploration of the Canva offices and a look inside CSE Revue, there’s a lot to get excited about. To top it all off, we have puzzles and tech news to keep you up to date, as well as our fortnightly recipe from our very own Savage Chef :)

Grab the issue here!

17 September 2016