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26 April 2015

PwC Security Talk

PwC will be holding a Security Talk this Friday, followed by a security related CTF.

When: Friday, May 1
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Where: K17 Seminar room

More information will be available on the facebook event.

26 April 2015

Dropbox Careers

Why Dropbox?

Dropbox is in a unique situation: we seek to delight over 300 million users across a range of products and have the infrastructure to store and process billions of files every day. We do this with only around 300 engineers. Every Dropbox software release improves millions of lives, and you'll find a high petabyte-to-engineer ratio here. We're all about shipping high-leverage projects, even if they're risky or novel. We care deeply about collaboration, feedback, and iteration. Trust and respect are deeply rooted in our engineering culture. We are looking for new grads, interns and PhDs, who are optimizing for learning, growth and impact and are interested in taking Dropbox even further.

For more information on these opportunities, please email Elaine at Elaine@dropbox.com. Please note, while our June-August 2015 intern session is at capacity, I would be happy to chat with you more about our fall and winter internship opportunities.

Learn more about Life inside Dropbox.

Company values

  • Be worthy of trust
  • Sweat the details
  • Aim higher
  • We not I

Company values matter. They anchor us in tough situations and are surprisingly present in our day-to-day interactions. Also, find out what impactful leadership looks like at Dropbox.

Learn more about the new grads and interns starting their careers at Dropbox!

Eng University grads: Jessica Liu, Jacob Hurwitz, Anna and Nick Wu Eng interns: Adam Faulkner, Chris Sauer, Mariam K.

Tech stack
A lot of Python, some Go, some C++ for our cross-platform libraries, Java for our Android apps, and Objective-C for our iOS apps. Tons of both product and infrastructure work across desktop, web, iOS, and Android.

26 April 2015
26 April 2015

CSESoc + Optiver Individual Programming Challenge

CSESoc brings you an individual programming challenge! The competition itself is setup very similar to the ACM-ICPC competitions but with a problem set that will be more accessible to those who haven't done programming challenges.

When: Saturday May 2, Comp runs from 1-5pm, students should arrive about 12:45, pizza dinner provided afterwards
Where: K17 Basement Labs

1st Place $1000 (thanks to Optiver)
2nd Place $500 (thanks to Optiver)
Everyone: Optiver swag and free pizza

Competitors can bring any non-electronic notes into the competition as well. This includes textbooks/printed material/anything on paper.

Note that competitors will be required to use C++.

To sign up, fill in this form.

Check out the event on facebook.

26 April 2015