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27 August 2016

CSE stureps survey

Hey everyone, the CSE stureps survey for semester 2 is up.

Head on over to http://stureps.site/ to complete the questionnaires. The survey consists of a general form about CSE which you only have to complete once, and another form which you can complete for each individual course you'd like to provide feedback on.

The survey will be open until Sunday the 4th September. The results help lecturers see if their courses have any problems before the semester ends, and also helps guide future initiatives within CSE.

You can check out the results of past survey here: https://cgi.cse.unsw.edu.au/~stureps/website/

27 August 2016
27 August 2016
27 August 2016

Facebook Production Engineering Internship and Graduate Opportunities

We are looking for Interns and New Grads to join us in 2017. The internship in Australian summer would consist of January-March. You can also opt in for the US summer where you can start in: May, June, July, August or September, please note all internships are 12 weeks long. For those of you that are looking to start a full time career at Facebook you would need to graduate and be able to start working in 2017.

The application process is simple, first you need to go to www.facebook.com/careers, there you will see a University Students tab, once you get to the University page you can choose whether you will be applying for an Internship or Full Time position. From that point you can choose up to 3 positions you feel you are a fit for, please note that if you apply for more than 3 positions you will be locked out.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, chansen@fb.com! Please also note that the resumes you are submitting should be written for the role that you are applying for and should include all skills you are familiar with i.e. python, java, Linux, Unix etc.

27 August 2016


CSESoc’s 10 year anniversary hoodies are finally here! Come to the socs office, located in room B03 in the basement of K17 to collect your pre-order or purchase a hoodie. Make sure you check issocsopen.com to see if the office is open, or email csesoc.publicity.head@cse.unsw.edu.au to schedule a time.