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23 April 2017
23 April 2017

Facebook at UNSW - Crush Your Coding Interview Workshop

Thursday April 27, 3.00PM in K17 Seminar Room

Never experienced a technical interview before? Want to be extra-prepared for your next one? Facebook is excited to be partnering with UNSW to get students up to speed about interviewing tips and the best way to show your strengths on a whiteboard.

We'll be at the Level 1 Seminar Room in K17 on April 27th at 3pm.

Technical interviews are one of the major hurdles of landing an awesome internship or full time career. Come learn about the common pitfalls and tips to help you crush your next coding Interview!

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16 April 2017

Atlassian Tech Talk on Unconscious Bias

Monday April 24, 2:00PM in K17 Seminar Room

Come hear from Carson Page (Senior Learning Manager @ Atlassian) who will be talking about Unconscious Bias. The human brain loves to look for shortcuts and patterns - sometimes it does that in a way that hinders our interactions with others. We’ll explore the neurological basis of these biases, as well as strategies to minimize them.

Facebook Event Link

8 April 2017

CSESoc Site Visits

Thursday April 20, 9:00AM - 3:00PM

CSESoc is having its annual site visit day soon, where we will be visiting the offices of some of our prinicipal sponsors!

Details regarding times and the companies being involved will be confirmed soon.

Follow our Facebook Event for updates!

8 April 2017

Beta Issue 128

Tired out from uni and ready for the fast approaching midsem break?

Why not take a quick break now and enjoy the latest edition of Beta, with the latest in news, reviews on last weekend’s First Year Camp, and an introduction to Vim from the legendary Callum in case you missed his mind-blowing Vim workshop last week.

Get the issue here!