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1 October 2017


AMAZE 2017 is an event to celebrate all things technology. This event will spark curiosity and imagination and we have dedicated a session as a pre-start welcome to you, our incoming 2018 Graduate and 2017-18 Summer Intern cohorts.

Event Details

Time & Date: 3PM - 5PM, Thursday, 19th October

Location: Commonwealth Bank Place North, Level 1, 1 Harbour St, Sydney NSW 2000

Your afternoon starts off with an interactive expo where you’re encouraged to explore and discover through touch and play. From Virtual and Augmented Reality to Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Quantum Computing and Cyber Security, you can participate as much as you like amongst these amazing technologies.

We’ll then hear from one of our technology partners, SAS as they present and deliver thought leadership on innovative analytics.

We appreciate you may not be able to attend due to university/exam clashes or will not be in Sydney at this time, however if you can make it, we’d love to see you there. Please register ASAP as places will be limited.

Registration Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2MXP5TH

24 September 2017

CSESoc Executive Team Nominations 2018

Nominations for executive positions for CSESoc in 2018 are now open.

The positions available are:

  • 2x Co-President
  • 1x Secretary
  • 1x Treasurer
  • 1x Arc Delegate

Submit your nomination by emailing csesoc.copresidents@cse.unsw.edu.au with:

  • Your full name and zID, or the full name and zID of the person you are nominating
  • The position you or the person you are nominating is going for
  • A link to a website or page where people can find out more about you (optional)

To be nominated you must currently be enrolled in a CSE Degree for 2018. If you are nominating yourself, another member will need to email us seconding the nomination. If you are nominating someone else, we will email them to confirm the nomination.

Date nominations close: Sunday 8th October, 5pm

Date voting period opens: Wednesday 11th October

Date voting period closes: Thursday 19th October

24 September 2017

CSESoc Annual Mock Interview Day

Thursday, September 28, 10:00AM - 5:00PM in K17 Building, UNSW.

Applying for internships? Applying for part-time work? Worried about the daunting interviews and want some valuable experience so you can ace the interview? You've come to the right place!

It is with great excitement that CSESoc, along with its amazing Principal Sponsors, present to you the Mock Interview Day! It will take place on Thursday the 28th of September.

The day will run from 10:00am and conclude at 5:00pm. Each mock interview will run for 30 minutes and will give you experience with interview questions you may be asked in a real interview.

Please fill in the below RSVP form by 11:59pm on Sunday the 25th of September. Please note that preference will be given to students in their penultimate or final year of study.


Facebook Event Link

17 September 2017

Beta Issue 134

Hi everyone! Welcome to Week 8’s edition of Beta. Hope you didn’t miss out on CSE Revue’s performance last week! Find out more about Revue in this week’s edition!

Grab a copy here! Missed an old issue of Beta? Check out our collection of Beta issues on our website here!

11 September 2017

CSESoc Annual General Meeting 2017

Thursday September 21, 5:00PM in K17 Seminar Room

CSESoc's Annual General meeting is coming up this Thursday, and you're invited! All CSESoc members are strongly encouraged to attend the event. The AGM will cover the society's achievements and progress this year. This is also a great opportunity to provide feedback on how CSESoc is being run. Nominations for executive elections will take place immediately after the AGM.

Hope to see you there!

Facebook Event Link