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11 March 2018

Clayton Utz: Forensics Graduate Program Talk

Tuesday March 20, 12:00pm-2:00pm at UNSW

To all final year computing students interested in an exciting and unique graduate opportunity - Clayton Utz is launching their pilot Forensics & Technology Services (FTS) graduate program. This will provide you with the opportunity to work in the first integrated forensic and legal service in Australia, and help develop solutions in managing fraud, anti-bribery, corruption, cyber risk, supply chain risk and regulatory investigations.

Come learn all about it and get the chance to network with one of Australia’s top legal firms, over deliciously FREE lunch.

10 March 2018

Enter the Unixverse

Monday 12 March 2-3pm K17 Seminar Room

UNIX-like operating systems power the software products we use every day. Startups and software giants alike use them as their primary OS for development and server administration activities. Learning to navigate a UNIX-like OS is a vital tool in any developer's software skillset.

In this workshop, you'll get acquainted with the basics of using a UNIX-based operating system, ready for a flying start to your first COMP course!

Please bring your own laptop.

10 March 2018

CSESoc UNSW Subcommittee Applications 2018

Do you have a vision for CSESoc's future?
Do you want an opportunity to grow and expand your soft skills?
Are you curious on how CSESoc operates?
Want to make an impact in one of the largest societies on campus?
If you're passionate about making a difference, keen on personal growth and a drive to improve, please apply for our roles!

You will be working in a close, fast-paced environment and helping us improve student life for all our members at CSESoc.

-------------------------------- HOW TO APPLY -------------------------------

Interviews will be held on a ROLLING BASIS so apply early to avoid disappointment we will, however, ensure we read all applications. Make sure you understand the roles you are applying for and don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Students may apply for more than one position but may only accept one in the event of multiple positions being offered.

More information about each role and subcommittee can be found: http://bit.ly/csesoc-subcom-2018

4 March 2018
4 March 2018