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3 September 2017
3 September 2017
3 September 2017

Android App Design and Architecture with Atlassian

Wednesday September 13, 1:30PM in K17 Seminar Room

Software is changing the world, and Atlassian is at the center of it all. With more than 65,000 global customers (including 85 of the Fortune 100) and a highly disruptive business model, we’re advancing the art of team collaboration with products like JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket and HipChat - and we’re just getting started. Motivated by honest values, an amazing culture, and consistent revenue growth, we’re out to unleash the potential of every team. From Amsterdam and Austin to Sydney and San Francisco, we’re looking for people who are powered by passion and eager to do the best work of their lives in a highly autonomous yet collaborative, no B.S. environment.

Atlassian will be attending our weekly CSESoc BBQ and afterwards, recent graduate, Joshua Carolan, will be giving an introduction to Android application architecture and the best practices when designing an app.

So come to the K17 Seminar Room at 1:30PM to score some sweet Atlassian swag and get some tips on building that next big app!

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3 September 2017

Optiver presents: FinTech and the Need for Speed

Wednesday September 6, 1:30PM in Ainsworth Level 5 Design Studio

Optiver relies on the latest technology, and skilled technologists, to out-race our competitors to opportunities. But what do we actually need the speed for? This talk goes "under the hood" on how market makers operate, and will teach you how one basic trading strategy relies on ultra-fast execution to achieve success. We'll take a look at one of Optiver's recent projects with one of our FPGA engineers to see how it streamlines information flow, speeds up execution, and increases market success. We hope you'll walk away from this talk with a better idea of what Optiver does, and how the latest technology impacts our business.

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3 September 2017

Beta Issue 133

With midsems approaching fast, take your mind of the stress, by checking out what’s new with CSESoc! This week we have a special article from SecSoc to tell you all about the world of security!

Grab a copy here!

Looking for an older edition of Beta? Check out our Beta library here!