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12 March 2017

Microsoft Protege 2017

At Microsoft, we are continually reinventing, and constantly challenging traditional processes. Protege is a competition that allows students to help us solve business problems that Microsoft is currently facing. We're looking for your fresh perspective and creativity to bring about innovative solutions.

Protege is deeply valued within the company, because we understand that undergraduate students are the bright minds that will power our company in the future. This year, the competition has been refreshed, and we want you to be the first to experience the new Protege.

Entering in Protege is the best way to get in front of Microsoft recruiters, and numerous past Protege competitors are now interns and grads at Microsoft Australia!

For more information on how the competition is structured and how to enter, click here!

12 March 2017
12 March 2017

Optiver Cloud Computing Tech Talk

Monday April 3, 2.00PM in K17 Seminar Room

At Optiver, we’re faced with a daily challenge- we want to have the freedom to experiment as much as possible, but we don’t want to risk having an unpredictable impact on the markets. To let the innovation happen, we built a simulation framework to play our models over large quantities of historical data. We also made the simulation framework really easy to use so that anyone with basic python knowledge could spin up an experiment. Unfortunately, lots of users x lots of data required computing power that we couldn’t hold in our offices in Sydney. To answer this we turned to Amazon Web Services.

Thien Nguyen, a UNSW alumni and software developer at Optiver, will be presenting on how Optiver uses Amazon Web Services to scale their data experiments and automate idea generation, testing and acceptance.

12 March 2017

Optiver Career Opportunities

Optiver is looking for final year Computer Science/Software Engineering or Computer Engineering students to join them! Come and work at a place where no day is the same amongst the best in the industry, solving highly technical problems.

Applications are open now! Apply online

12 March 2017

Atlassian Graduates Roles 2018

The Atlassian Graduates roles for 2018 are now live! Join Atlassian as a graduate and start having a direct impact on how millions of users collaborate and use software.

Apply online at atlassian.com/students and start an awesome career.