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8 October 2016
8 October 2016

Formalytics iOS Internship Position

Perth, Australia - Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Formalytics is an Australian technology company currently focused on the development of augmented reality solutions in the sporting, fitness and health sectors. As an iOS Development Intern, you will gain 10 weeks of practical experience designing, developing and launching a performance monitoring app for the world’s most popular sport - football! Formalytics will cover all expenses to and from their Perth office (it’s better than it sounds!) with a bonus return trip to family and friends over the Christmas break.

Interns must have the following requirements: 2+ years of university-level software development experience (or equivalent), strong Swift and Objective-C skills, with extensive knowledge of iOS frameworks, demonstrated experience using scalable RESTful APIs and willingness to embrace audacious goals.

Please email your CV with the subject line Formalytics Internship to jobs@formalytics.io

8 October 2016

Rust Workshop

Tuesday 11th October, 11-12pm in K17 Seminar Room

Join CSESoc for a beginner intro to Rust. Rust is a programming language desinged to compete with C and C++, but with emphasis on memory and thread safety while still offering good performance. We'll go over writing rust programs, and cover Rust's novel memory ownership model.

To follow along get a copy of rustc and cargo. (I recommend rustup.rs, but other sources are okay too).

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/129725504157426/

8 October 2016

Knowledge Representation Workshop

Monday 10th October, 1-2pm in K17 Seminar Room

Causality in Knowledge Representation (via Counterfactuals, Probability, and Directed Graphs)

We all have beliefs involving causality (for example, the belief that smoking causes cancer). We talk about causality in this imprecise, informal way all the time: is there any way to represent our causal beliefs in a precise way, such that a computer could understand it? This talk shows how, using the tools of counterfactuals, probability, and directed graphs. What results is a clearer understanding of causality and a way for computers (not just humans) to have causal beliefs. The talk is self-contained, with no prior knowledge of causality, counterfactuals, probability, or directed graphs expected.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/174912392912927/

8 October 2016

Nominations are open for CSESoc Executive Positions, 2017

If you are interested in applying for an executive position for 2017, please send in your nomination to csesoc.copresidents@cse.unsw.edu.au and CC another student in the society who will second you.

You are allowed to nominate another person and we will confirm that they are willing to run for the position.

Applicants for executive positions must be enrolled in a CSE degree for 2017 for the nomination to be valid.

When sending in your nomination please include a link to your election web page (it should include a short description of yourself, your goals for running for the position and reason why you would good candidate). The following positions are open:

  • 2 x Co-Presidents
  • 1 x Arc Delegate
  • 1 x Secretary
  • 1 x Treasurer

You can nominate yourself for more than one position.

Nominations close October 11th at 5:00pm.

As always, if you have any questions, please email Jake and Lav at: csesoc.copresidents@cse.unsw.edu.au