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20 August 2017

Quantium Tech Talk: Batch Data Processing to Real Time Streaming

Wednesday August 23, 2.00PM in K17 Seminar Room

Quantium was founded by like-minded executives from different disciplines across data, science and business. In everyday life, data forms the backbone of every decision we make, every lesson we learn and every direction we choose. Better data, better decisions, better outcomes. But it is so much more than just numbers and technology. It’s what we know, unearthing ideas to solve problems and grasping opportunities that could change the world. Come gain valuable insight as to how engineers from Quantium tackled real world problems like migrating a batch like system into a streaming framework, and the various solutions that were gruelingly tested on their journey.

20 August 2017

CompClub Semester 2 Weekly Workshops

From Monday August 28, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Semester 2 is here and CompClub is aiming to run 3 weekly workshops for high school students. Starting week 6 we have Intro to python (Mondays), intro to circuitry - Arduino (Tuesdays), intermediate python (Wednesdays) 5pm - 7pm. More details in the form.

If you're interested in mentoring students or presenting material, sign up here.

All hours spent in these workshops go towards AHEGs and FREE food is provided on each of the weekly workshop for all members. (typically pizza shaped)

20 August 2017

Beta Issue 132

Hey everyone. With uni picking up its pace, be sure to take a break from time to time and check out some CSESoc events to destress! This week, learn why LaTeX should matter to you! Grab a copy here!

Looking for an old issue of Beta? Check out our Beta library!

13 August 2017
6 August 2017