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17 September 2017

Beta Issue 134

Hi everyone! Welcome to Week 8’s edition of Beta. Hope you didn’t miss out on CSE Revue’s performance last week! Find out more about Revue in this week’s edition!

Grab a copy here! Missed an old issue of Beta? Check out our collection of Beta issues on our website here!

3 September 2017

Beta Issue 133

With midsems approaching fast, take your mind of the stress, by checking out what’s new with CSESoc! This week we have a special article from SecSoc to tell you all about the world of security!

Grab a copy here!

Looking for an older edition of Beta? Check out our Beta library here!

20 August 2017

Beta Issue 132

Hey everyone. With uni picking up its pace, be sure to take a break from time to time and check out some CSESoc events to destress! This week, learn why LaTeX should matter to you! Grab a copy here!

Looking for an old issue of Beta? Check out our Beta library!

6 August 2017

Beta Issue 131

Missed out on your chance to grab a Beta at the BBQ last Wednesday? This week’s issue includes an exclusive insider’s story on what it’s truly like to accept a job opportunity overseas. If this is something you’re considering, make sure to check the article out!

Grab a copy here!

Looking for a previous edition of Beta? Find our Beta library here.

21 May 2017

Beta Issue 130

Want to learn more about security? Want to discover the hidden secrets of coding style? This week's Beta will deliver not only that, but much much more!

Check it out here!