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21 May 2017

Beta Issue 130

Want to learn more about security? Want to discover the hidden secrets of coding style? This week's Beta will deliver not only that, but much much more!

Check it out here!

7 May 2017

Beta Issue 129

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of CSESoc? Why not check out this week’s issue of Beta!

Check it out here!

8 April 2017

Beta Issue 128

Tired out from uni and ready for the fast approaching midsem break?

Why not take a quick break now and enjoy the latest edition of Beta, with the latest in news, reviews on last weekend’s First Year Camp, and an introduction to Vim from the legendary Callum in case you missed his mind-blowing Vim workshop last week.

Get the issue here!

19 March 2017

Beta Issue 127

Want to catch up on some rainy day reading? Check out the newest edition of Beta for the latest in tech, the events for the week and some brain teasers to challenge the programmer inside you.

Here’s the issue!

17 September 2016

Beta Issue 123

Looking for a way to whittle away the weekend? Why not read the latest issue of Beta! With an exploration of the Canva offices and a look inside CSE Revue, there’s a lot to get excited about. To top it all off, we have puzzles and tech news to keep you up to date, as well as our fortnightly recipe from our very own Savage Chef :)

Grab the issue here!