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2 November 2017

Director Applications for 2018 Now Open!

Hey everyone!

We're looking for keen, passionate and hard-working people to join the executive team as a director! In the coming year, we're hoping to refine the aspects of our society that really work and introducing new ideas, which we hope our new directors will be a key part of.

<--------- Who are we looking for? --------->

The Executive team for 2018 have a lot of new ideas and visions for the society! We're looking for people who see changes they want to make in areas of the society. We're looking for people who are willing to devote their time to improving the opportunities and experiences of their fellow students!

<--------- What's in it for you? --------->

We won't lie, being a director is a big commitment. However, we really believe that there is great potential to grow in all of our roles, working to develop your personal or technical skills (dependent on the role). There is also the chance to work with a great team and be a part of a year that we hope will make a huge impact upon the CSESoc for the years to come.

<--------- The Process --------->

Firstly there will be an application and afterwards we will contact you to arrange an interview. The purpose of the interview is to discuss our and your vision for the role and get to know all the candidates better (so we give a fairer chance to people we don't know personally). It will also be a good chance to understand the roles more clearly.

Just as a note, we know everyone is going through exams right now. so we don't expect amazingly long essays in your application. Spending about 30 minutes on it would be sufficient. Keep in mind, the interview will be another chance for you to display your vision, passion and skills.

<--------- Apply Now --------->

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: 16th of November at 11:59pm

View the current role descriptions at: http://bit.ly/CSESoc-Director-Roles-2018

Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/kVMkzAmAP6NdurJn2

<--------- Positions Open for 2018 --------->


  • Professional Development Director
  • Sponsored Events Director (x2) (previously Talks)
  • Marketing Director (Careers)


  • Student Network Director
  • Marketing Director (Socials)
  • Social Director (x2)


  • Publications Director (previously βeta)
  • CompClub Director (x2)
  • Software Projects Director (previously Dev)
  • Workshops and Academics Director

29 October 2017

UNSW CSESoc Director Roles 2018

The CSESoc Executive of 2018 is excited to present the director roles on offer for the coming year!

Attached below is a document outlining the roles and their associated responsibilities. Look out for applications which will be coming out soon!

PDF Link: https://www.csesoc.unsw.edu.au/static/media/CSESoc-2018-Director-Roles.pdf

23 October 2017

CSESoc Executive Team for 2018

Announcing the new CSESoc Executive Team for 2018:

Co-Presidents: Ofir Zeevi and Andrew Vo

Treasurer: Martin Le

Arc Delegate: Raiyan Zubair

Secretary: Andrew Kaploun

The outgoing executive team would like to wish them the best of luck for next year.

15 October 2017

CompClub Covenant School Outreach Workshop

Friday October 20, 12.00PM - 3:00PM at Covenant School

Hi everyone! CompClub is running an outreach workshop at Covenant School (Dell St, Belrose NSW 2085). The workshop will be Introduction to Programming (Python).

Please fill out the form below if you are available and interested in helping out. Don't hesitate if you do not have experience with Python, we will be in touch and provide material for everyone to have a quick read of ahead of the workshop.

Reminder that all hours spent in these workshops go towards AHEGs for all members.


12 October 2017

CSESoc Exec Election is Now Open!

The election CSESoc executive positions for 2018 are now open! Log in to my cse with your zPass and zID to vote: https://my.cse.unsw.edu.au/election.php

To vote, number the candidates in order of your preferences. You do not need to fill out all preferences, nor do you have to vote for every position. To vote no confidence for a candidate, leave the preference blank.

You may change your vote any time before elections close on Thursday the 19th of October.

Good luck to all the candidates!