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16 April 2017

Atlassian Tech Talk on Unconscious Bias

Monday April 24, 2:00PM in K17 Seminar Room

Come hear from Carson Page (Senior Learning Manager @ Atlassian) who will be talking about Unconscious Bias. The human brain loves to look for shortcuts and patterns - sometimes it does that in a way that hinders our interactions with others. We’ll explore the neurological basis of these biases, as well as strategies to minimize them.

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8 April 2017

CSESoc Site Visits

Thursday April 20, 9:00AM - 3:00PM

CSESoc is having its annual site visit day soon, where we will be visiting the offices of some of our prinicipal sponsors!

Details regarding times and the companies being involved will be confirmed soon.

Follow our Facebook Event for updates!

8 April 2017

Facebook Network Engineering Tech Talk

Monday April 10, 2:00PM - 4:00PM in K17 Seminar Room

Join us after our weekly BBQ for a tech talk and learn all about Network Engineering at Facebook! This team includes Backbon, Data Center, Performance and Automation Engineers who ensure that their network is reliable, robust, and can scale to meet the challenges of serving over a billion users.

Learn how Facebook solves problems in large-scale environments and work on one of the most dynamic, fast-paced netowrks in the world. Also come to find out about Facebook's rotational new grad program!

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2 April 2017

Intro to Vim Workshop

Friday April 7 1:00PM - 2:00PM in Drum Lab, K17 Building

Vim is a text editor for writing and editing code. It can run in a terminal, over ssh or as it's own app. But what's the big deal? Well, Vim is quite powerful, and mastering it will allow you to write code much faster.

However, Vim has quite a steep learning curve if you wish to utilise its full power - that's where this workshop comes in! From absolute beginner to Vim expert, this workshop has it all.

Even if you are set on using another editor like Sublime, Eclipse (or dare I say, Emacs)- you can still benefit from the power of Vim, and use the modal editing paradigm to gain superpowers in your editor of choice!

This workshop will be happening on Friday, 7th of April, Location is K17 Drum Lab.

Boost your productivity -- Come along, and learn to edit text at the speed of thought!

PS. If you want to come extra prepared, type 'vimtutor' at the terminal.

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26 March 2017

Facebook Sydney Hackathon 2017

April 29 - 30 2017

Here at Facebook, we believe that every engineer possesses amazing ideas and creativity. Hackathons are a longstanding tradition at Facebook where our engineers stay up all night to create a working product or prototype from scratch. Remember- done is better than perfect.

Please note - all members of your team must register individually at fbsydhack17.splashthat.com for the opportunity to attend by April 7th at 9am UTC +10

Join Facebook in Sydney as we stay up all night hacking, learning and having a some fun! Start brainstorming ideas & forming teams (of up to 4 people). We'll supply the food, fun diversions, prizes, and some expert guidance in the form of our engineers. You bring your laptop, appetite, skills and ideas.

The winning team will get the chance to compete against teams from other Hackathons at the Hackathon Finals and be judged by our executives- held at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, California in November!

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