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Emergency Protocol

As a Volunteer in the CSE Student Network Program, there is a small possibility of an emergency taking place while you are in a position of authority. To help you deal with this situation, we have put together an emergency protocol. This is just a guide rather than a set of rules. You will need to use your initiative to deal with any case in response to it's circumstances.

Look after Number One

In any emergency, the first rule of First Aid should be put into practice. Check for Danger to YOURSELF! If you try to help someone and then you become another casualty, you not only prevent yourself helping the initial casualty but also escalated the emergency!

Getting Help

For any emergency on CAMPUS at UNSW, call 9385 6666 or FREECALL 1800 626 003. This number connects you to the UNSW Security Services. DO NOT call the public emergency services yourself, as they do not know the best routes around UNSW. Security will take details of the emergency from you, then call the appropriate emergency services, meet them at the closest gate, and escort them to the location of the emergency.

If the emergency is within K17, then call the building's First Aid Officer (x55138 or 9385 5138) or SECO (x56611, 9385 6611 or 0409 225 613) to assist. After hours, Security will also send their First Aid Officer.

For any emergency OFF campus in Australia call 000. Mobile phones can also use a special number 112 - this works in many countries, and will connect to any mobile phone provider if your provider is out of range.

In ALL cases, do not hang up the phone until instructed to do so, especially if you receive a bomb threat; in this case use another phone or person to call Security Services. Be prepared to provide details on your exact location, the nature of the emergency, how many casualties are involved, etc.

For further information - Security Services web pages at: http://www.emergency.unsw.edu.au